Elena Velado leads SHOWCASE project
Virginia Dominguez works on plant-pollinator networks stability
Carlos Martínez Núñez is a Juan de la Cierva PostDoc interested in Agroecosystems and species interactions


Maria Hurtado is working on multitrophic community ecology. Co-supervised with Oscar Godoy.
Blanca Arroyo-Correa, co-advised with Pedro Jordano, is working on how complex networks of plant-animal interactions are configured across multiple levels of organization, from populations to communities.
Nerea Montes does her PhD within the SAFEGUARD project


Curro Molina is our man on the field and he takes care of the lab.

Past members:

  • Jose Lanuza did his PhD in Plant-pollinator networks and a short PostDoc in project SAFEGUARD
  • Estefania Tobajas worked in pollinator biology with a Margarita Salas fellowship
  • Carlos Zaragoza did his PhD in Global Change pressures on bee populations
  • Miguel Ángel Collado did his PhD on bee cognitive ecology.
  • Alfonso Allen-Perkins worked in hardcore network analysis
  • David García-Callejas worked combing theory and empirical data to better understand coexistence
  • Jamie Stavert did his PhD Thesis on Biodiversity Ecosystem Services relationships.
  • Cristina Botias worked on pathogens infections on wild bees.
  • Ainhoa Magrach worked with us on plant-pollinator networks, and how those change with landscape changes.

Lab visitors:

  • Janina Heinen, Sweden
  • Diego Nabaes, Argentina
  • Jorge Zamorano, Chile
  • Lucas Garibaldi. Argentina
  • Francesco Lami. Italy
  • John Banks. US
  • Liam Kendall. Australia
  • Stijn Van Gils. Nederlands (Super-B Short term mission)
  • Florence Hecq. Irland (Super-B Short term mission)
  • Rachael Winfree. US
  • Romina Rader. Australia
  • Mark Genung. US
  • Ferran Sayol, Spain
  • Simone Fontana, Switzerland

Main collaborators

  • Oscar Godoy: We try to merge theory and empirical data on how species coexist.
  • Ainhoa Magrach: We share several interests in the domain of community ecology.
  • Lucas Garibaldi: We collaborate on a global databases of insect crop pollination.
  • Rachael Winfree: I spend two years as postdoc with Rachael exploring how different global change drivers affect pollinator communities and we keep collaborating on these topics.
  • Daniel Sol: Our project SURVIVE_HIREC tries to understand the role of behavior flexibility and life-history traits in species responses to global change.
  • Romina Rader: We are both interested in reconciling pollinator conservation and ecosystem services delivery.
  • Riccardo Bommarco: After my postdoc with Riccardo, we keep exploring trade-offs between different ecosystem services.
  • Montse Vilà: My Ph.D. Thesis with Montse dealt with plant-pollinator networks invaded by invasive plants.