Joining the lab

I am looking for a motivated person to develop her/his PhD with me at EBD-CSIC starting ~ Nov-Dec 2021. The contract will cover 4 years of funding to develop the thesis. The thesis project is related to the EU H2020 SAFEGUARD ( project on pollinator declines and plant-pollinator networks. Hence, the candidate needs to speak English, be good at teamwork, and have a solid quantitative and theoretical ecology understanding, including the use of R or any other programming language.
The working place will be based at EBD (, located in beautiful Sevilla. You should explore the lab webpage ( to understand the lab philosophy. Main tasks will consist of statistical analysis of large databases and collaborating on empirical (i.e. fieldwork) studies.
  • Driving license and an EU Degree in sciences (sensu lato)
  • Able to write and speak in English
  • Experience with any programming language, preferably R
  • Enjoying fieldwork
  • Motivation to learn new things, resilience to failure, and compromise.
To apply for the position send to in a single PDF (i) a brief motivation letter where you highlight what could be your main contributions to the project and why do you want to embark on a PhD in the lab, (ii) a short and clear CV highlighting your role in the different items presented, and (iii) the email of two contact people who can provide a reference letter if needed. Judging early career researchers’ CVs is difficult, so using short examples of how you handled a particular collaboration is much more useful than saying that you are good at teamwork. The lab adheres to the DORA ( declaration to evaluate candidates, so alternative paths are welcomed.
Due to out of my control contracting policies, candidates with non-EU degrees may not be eligible.
I will start revising CVs and conducting interviews starting 10 September until the position is filled.
I plan to be very involved in this project and I am sure it will be fun and productive!

Other opportunities

I can help you secure your own funding for your PhD or PostDoc if you have a neat idea (but you should read first this or this). Drop me an email with your CV, interests and why would you like to work with me and we can talk about it. I am broadly interested in how global change affects community structure and composition and its repercussion on ecosystem functioning. Pollinators and pollination is a good study system to tackle those questions both from the applied and basic research perspectives, but I am also open to work with other insects-plant systems.