Joining the lab

Open Positions 

The Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC) and the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) are looking for two motivated quantitative researchers to work on the international project OBServ ( The main aim is to build predictive models of pollinator biodiversity and ecosystem function delivery using both data-driven and mechanistic models. During the project, there will also be opportunities to pursue independent ideas based on existing data held by the hosting groups (e.g. plant-pollinator interaction network). Start date is Fall 2019, although later dates can be discussed.

Position 1: Quantitative ecologist postdoc (EBD-CSIC)

We are looking for a quantitative ecologist to contribute to the project goals, and to develop independent research in the framework of predicting biodiversity and biotic interactions.

Key responsibilities:
– Lead research predicting pollinator species diversity and its interactions under global change drivers.
– Contribute strongly to the development of dynamic biodiversity models to benchmark biodiversity and ecosystem services.
– Collaborate in building automated iterative near-term forecasting systems.
– Develop and manage the project databases.

Main requirements:
– Being nice and good at teamwork and concerned about open, reproducible science.
– Good programming skills (e.g. advanced R user, experience in writing R packages, version control/git, unit testing).
– Experience in ecological modelling and/or network analysis (e.g. mixt models, population dynamic models, static and dynamic network analysis).
– Experience in pollinator ecology is desirable.

Tenure: The position will be for a period of 22 months.

Location: Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC), Seville. EBD-CSIC is one of the leading Spanish institutions on Ecological research. Within EBD-CSIC, we are a young and dynamic lab ( with a strong commitment to open science. Seville is a lively city with good food and beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Application: Applicants should send a motivation letter and a detailed curriculum vitae, preferably in English, to, noting in the subject of the message “OBSERV modeller”.

Position 2: Ecosystem services modeler: See details at BC3 webpage.

Informal inquiries can be made to or All information received during this process will be handled confidentially.

Applications close: 15 September.

Other opportunities

I can help you secure your own funding for your PhD or PostDoc if you have a neat idea. Drop me an email with your CV, interests and why would you like to work with me (you should read this first) and we can talk about it. I am broadly interested in how global change affects community structure and composition and its repercussion on ecosystem functioning. Pollinators and pollination is a good study system to tackle those questions both from the applied and basic research perspectives, but I am also open to work with other insects-plant systems.

In particular, I am looking forward to supporting grant applications of competitive quantitative postdocs interested in plant-pollinator community dynamics. I can offer an unpublished 5-year high-resolution data set (and growing) collected under the BeeFun project as the basis of a strong application for fellowships, for example, in the Marie Curie program. The dataset comprises plant-pollinator interactions along the whole season. This unique data set can answer several questions ranging from network structural dynamics, responses of climatic extreme events or ecosystem functioning stability. If you are interested, send me an email and we can see which funding opportunities are available.