Something to say

I enjoy reading scientists blogs. They made me think, they amused me and sometimes they make me feel understood. Most importantly, they help me see that ecology is dynamic and at least some ecologists are thinking out of the box about how to do and discuss science. I was also taking notes and ideas to myself in a variety of physical supports, including napkins that unfortunately I will never find again. I think it’s time I open my ideas and participate in this growing community of ecologists at once. Open ideas, open science and a feeling I have something to say. As scientists we have good formal ways to communicate our final, carefully thought and highly curated outputs, but science also needs a more informal and less serious fast forum. This will be a place to keep an informal open notebook for me. I hope you find something useful too.

Why marginally significant? ok, I know that there is not such a thing as a marginally significant result in statistics. If your p is 0.06, that’s ok, don’t complain, look at your effect sizes, see the power of your analysis, discuss it. Hey, but If your p is 0.04 you should do the same, so it’s not that important. I am not sure if my posts will be always significant for you (and I am not going to test that!), but I want to report them anyway, and I hope discussing them will increase the power of the ideas…

3 thoughts on “Something to say

  1. I was thinking that science is one of the only privileged areas where marginally significant matters (well, just a little)! How wonderful it would be to be awarded and commented because of being a marginally winner in the Olimpic games. or what about -hey, you did a great job interview, you are a marginally top candidate!

  2. Great post. Reminds me of the elite in terms of funding. Increases to the the less funded, even marginally, generate a lot more research, whilst at the top end for those with lot’s of funding, don’t express differences (at all). Hmm…


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