F1000 Research waves fees for ecologists

Quick post to say that if you are en ecologist you can try now F1000Research for free until the end of the year (just enter the code ECOL16 during submission). Other than the beauty of open access, open peer-review (yes, where reviewers get credit too for doing a good job), and fast publication, I like the freedom of formats offered. They are introducing a new format, “observation papers”, for sharing observations that will not be enough for a full paper, but you don’t want them to be lost forever. Tons of small datasets are wasted because there is no enough data to make a full story. I am thinking specially in master thesis, or studies with low replication. Achieving those in a common place can be a good practice. I see two reasons for doing that at F1000Research. It has a good search tool and they only publish papers if data is released, hence, this data can be used on meta-analysis, for example. The drawback is that it can be expensive for master students, but you can try for free now.


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