Get credit for your reviews: Publons

This posts look like an advertisement, but it is not. I don’t even know who is behind this initiative, but reviewing is an important part of my job, and I think we should get better credit*.

Now I can get some credit easier. Basically, instead of listing in my CV my contributions as a reviewer, I can show them verified at Publons. I can also decide how much information I show about each one. Initially I though that I don’t feel like entering this data manually everytme I do a review, but they allow you to forward the review “thank you” email to them and they add it to your profile, so this makes it quite easy to keep an updated profile. Would be cool that the Journals do that automatically via ORCID, but this is another battle I suspect. And with this tool, you can even calculate pubcreds, if you want!

In any case, the web is easy to use and the guys are very responsive, so I hope this kick off.

*In a nutshell: I advocate for a double blind process, and full disclosure of all names (authors and reviewers) when a decision is made. Until this happens, I sign my reviews.

3 thoughts on “Get credit for your reviews: Publons

    • Not really, but I think is a neat idea. At some point we will need to put some rules to the system, if we don’t want it to colapse.


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