WhatsApp Image 2020-01-06 at 12.16.21Drawdown is the point when the current CO2 worldwide concentration starts to decrease. It’s a book highlighting 100 solutions already available to reverse climate change and a few more solutions to come. Its a positive and optimistic book and it’s what I needed to read after a few months feeling quite pessimistic about the actual situation.

I bought the book for my kids’ school to show we have solutions and not only problems and spark the conversation. I expected a quite dense book (with 100 examples listed one by one) and nothing you can read in one sitting. I was wrong. I read it all in three weeks and I am fascinated. The book is very well written, not too technical (but detailed!) and with lots of curiosities and personal stories that introduce the topics. I learned a lot.

There are no especially surprising solutions if you are already into climate change and sustainability, but it made a great job for me to recover the faith in humanity by showing what its already being done, and the potential to upscale it. Most solutions are not only good for reversing climate change but are economically viable in the long run (but unfortunately not in the short term, which is what is slowing down uptake) and are good for biodiversity and human wellbeing.

Maybe Drawdown is too optimistic, but I think is the kind of information we need to spread out and quickly if we want to change for good.

4 thoughts on “Drawdown

  1. mmm, molt interesant.

    Em sorpren que al index no hi ha cap apartat dedicat a la roba. També és dificil veure crítica al consumisme , al menys a la vista del index.



    > El 19 ene 2020, a las 23:08, Bartomeus lab escribió: > >

  2. You are so correct in your understanding of the short sighted view of our greater systems that hold us back. But there is more to come, a movement that is gaining acceptance and adoption by more and more people. If you are interested in more ways to join the positive movement through individual actions, here is a great summary of more resources.
    Thanks for spreading the word. https://thewholegeek.com/2020/02/05/why-drawdown/


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