On getting tenure…

There are important points in life that are prone to self-reflection. Getting tenure in the Spanish research system is one of them. Last week I won a highly competitive permanent position as a researcher at CSIC and I am incredibly happy to get the opportunity to work full time to advance science with the stability required. Since then, three contrasting thoughts have emerged in my mind.

First, I have an immense feeling of gratitude. I am completely conscious that the way I do science is only possible because I am not alone in this journey. A huge number of people has supported my ideas, gave me opportunities to try things, shared their knowledge with me. Thank you all! It was pretty flattering to get so many congratulations over the past week. Plus, I have to admit it the journey has been pretty fun so far.

Second, I still feel uneasy with the full selection process. All 20 candidates competing for the position deserved a stable research position. CSIC keeps evaluating quantity over quality and most positions get filled by researchers over 40, and often older. Being considered a “young researcher” at 39 and with two kids it’s not funny anymore. The hyper-competitiveness we are immersed is damaging careers, but also science itself. Sometimes I feel we are not longer doing science, but running on a hamster-wheel.

Third, I got this position by privilege. My parents supported me while doing my degree and always encouraged me to take risks and explore new paths. It’s easier to do when you have a safety net. Neither me nor my family had remarkable health of economic problems. I am a white man and as such I never experienced harassment of any type. Even with the wind at my back, it was bloody hard to survive in academia in Spain. This implies we are missing a lot of brilliant researchers that didn’t had it that easy.

Now is time to reconsider things. Inertia is very powerful, but now I have the freedom to decide (to certain degree) what science I want to do and how. Let’s use this power wisely. And let’s fight to change the system from the inside.

1 thought on “On getting tenure…

  1. Congratulations for your new position!

    I don’t know how or why but I was convinced that you already had a permanent position in a University or an Institute in your country. Most probably because you are a great scientist and your research is well known.
    Now that I know you didn’t, and that you, as well, made your own personal “battle” to become a permanent researcher/professor, I value your previous posts differently.
    Please do not forget your last sentence, for the rest of the 19 candidates, for the rest of us who are spread around the globe and still fighting for a chance in security (in my 39, unemployed with a kid).
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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