Storytelling (communicating science with comics!)

On one hand I think scientists should stick to doing science and communicators should work with them to communicate Science. On the other hand, scientists tend to be very versatile, and doing outreach is one more fun thing to do. Moreover, by explaining your science to general public you force yourself to really understand what you are doing and think about it from a different perspective.

This christmas I had a rather long break and during this break quite a lot of people ask me what the hell I am doing for living. This breaks are also good to get inspired. My inspiration led me to explain what I am doing in a comic book [Read it here: science_comic_en, It’s just a few pages and I think is fun, I talk about bees, but also about beer, dinosaurs and sex (I hope that these last words have finally convinced everybody to give it a try)]. I think the format works pretty well. While writing it I thought my readers would be mainly family and friends, but who knows? I don’t think a full comic about my research will be super-popular among the general public, but if other Scientists in different fields explain their story too, I believe that the resulting comic would be a blast. Any taker to write another chapter?

The spanish version translated by Belén (always an invaluable help) is available here (science_comic_es). I did it in ComicLife software (for Mac), in case anyone is curious. I may do another chapter when I get more papers accepted. Well, only if people looks interested!

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