About this blog & Disclaimer

I enjoy reading scientists blogs. They make me think, they amuse Pourquiome and sometimes they make me feel understood. Most importantly, they help me see that ecology is dynamic and at least some ecologists are thinking out of the box about how to do, share and discuss science. I was also taking notes and ideas for myself in a variety of physical supports, including napkins that unfortunately I will never find again. As scientists we have good formal ways to communicate our final, carefully thought and highly curated outputs, but science also needs a more informal and less serious fast forum. This will be a place to keep an informal open notebook for me. I hope you find something useful too.

Views expressed here are of course only my own, but I reserve myself the right to change my views over time.


Oh… and I write in English because it seems that is nowadays the new Lingua franca for communicating among scientists (ok, and because I know no Latin). Making jokes and playing with the meaning of words in English is not as easy as in Spanish for me, but I will do my best. However, I will probably write fast, so I apologize beforehand for my crapy grammar. So far everybody was kind enough to say that they can understand whatever I said. Hope is true!